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Donald from Ipswich, QLD had been working for Endeavor Enterprises for over ten years when he realised he wanted to find a job in mainstream employment. Donald was looking for a new challenge but was hesitant, concerned that there wouldn’t be an employer who could support him to learn the new tasks that a new job would require.

Donald faced a few barriers to employment. He was relying on public transport to get to and from work and he also found remembering lots of details quite difficult, as a result of brain trauma. To be able to perform his job efficiently, Donald requires consistent tasks and reminders to retain new skills.

Donald then met his atWork Australia Disability Employment Services Job Coach Judith who after learning about Donald and what he was seeking in work, approached several employers. One employer included Peter, who runs a home maintenance and cleaning service business in the local area and was seeking a Maintenance Assistant.

The role sounded great and Donald was interested in applying. To support the fact that Donald can only get to and from work by public transport, Peter even offered to collect Donald from home and drive him to and from jobs. Donald and Peter met, and Donald immediately felt at ease in Peter’s company, and excited by the role.

Peter was impressed by the interview, and offered Donald the role, commenting that “Everyone should have a purpose in our community.” This new role certainly gave Donald a new purpose, and he was very excited to start his new role.

atWork Australia supported Donald to complete a First Aid Training course ready to start his new job. To help Donald learn his new role and settle into a new environment, both his Job Coach Judith and his new employer Peter were able to break the tasks down for Donald, so that he could then learn them piece by piece.

In good news, Donald is doing very well in his new role in mainstream employment and is learning new skills every day. “Donald has learnt many new skills since starting as a maintenance assistant, including deck cleaning, mowing, making garden beds, using and maintaining the Whipper Snipper and so on. The great news is that with Donald now earning good money he has been able to take over a lease and live independently,” Judith said.

“I get so proud when Donald shares his new skills and I feel that now, with the right support, he will continue to gain greater confidence in his ability to contribute to our community, through his job,” Judith said.

Here at atWork Australia we truly believe that there is a job out there for everyone. Our specialist teams work tirelessly to ensure we find all our clients the right job with the right employer, let us help you too. Call us on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

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