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For an effervescent people person like Danielle, landing a job in customer service feels like she’s struck gold.

The 26-year-old Melburnian recently started work in a new full-time role that is perfectly suited to her skillset and bubbly, caring personality.

However, Danielle may not have had the courage to apply for the job unless she approached the atWork Australia office in South Melbourne and was assigned a Disability Employment Services Job Coach. He’s worked closely with Danielle since she joined the South Melbourne office in mid-2019, after being unemployed for two years.

When Jarod first met Danielle, her fun temperament was overshadowed by self-doubt.

“Social anxiety was a real issue for Danielle, and she was very unsure of herself,” he said.

Jarod began by helping Danielle overcome her anxiety. He would send her a list of job advertisements and she would call the contact person to find out more about the position. At the same time, she gained practice speaking confidently to strangers which was an exciting challenge and helped her conquer her fears.

Jarod and Danielle also worked on interview preparation, setting realistic goals and positive self-talk. Soon, a customer service job emerged that Danielle felt was “aiming too high”. When she was offered the position, she was in disbelief.

Jarod speaks highly of Danielle’s work ethic and commitment to achieving her goals.

“Danielle has had a positive journey. All the appointments kept her on her toes – by staying engaged and participating she got what she wanted,” he said. Jarod was impressed by Danielle’s persistence.

As for Danielle, finding her dream job with help from atWork Australia means she has rediscovered her smile and sense of fun.

“I am very grateful for this opportunity,” she said.

“Jarod is very good at what he does, and I thank him for being patient with me,” she said.

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