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After 12 years working as a delivery driver and a past as a chef, Clarkson, WA local Doug found himself out of work when a health condition meant he could no longer drive long hours.

When searching for a new role became a difficult task, Doug approached the Clarkson office of atWork Australia.

Doug had some concerns that his age would stop him from being able to get back into employment. Doug also expressed to Hannah that he had limited experience using computers and applying for jobs.

Doug says, “I came to atWork Australia feeling very stressed, lacking in confidence and feeling uncomfortable having never been unemployed before. I felt embarrassed to be asking for help at my age and ashamed to be in that situation. “

Hannah could see Doug’s potential and knew with some support; Doug’s confidence could increase and he could start to believe in himself and his ability to work.

Hannah and Doug started to build Doug’s resume, write cover letters and practise interview skills. Hannah was also able to work on Doug’s computer skills, which he put into use to apply for chef roles.

“Through having Hannah take the time to help me to use a computer to search for chef work online, it helped build my confidence with technology. This also gave me the chance to apply for work in the industry I once loved,” says Doug.

Doug and Hannah applied for chef roles at local hospitality venues. An opportunity for a video interview came up, and Doug completed the interview for the role as a Chef, with Hannah’s support in the Clarkson atWork Australia office.

After a successful interview, Hannah helped Doug get a police check. With a uniform provided by atWork Australia, Doug was ready to start in his new role.

“I was incredibly relieved and felt that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was nervous to start, but I knew I had the skill set to do the job well and felt confident that I now had the right support behind me.”

Doug reflects on Hannah and atWork Australia’s support, saying “I was able to feel comfortable with Hannah and felt like she really did care. I felt confident that she knew what she was doing and how to help me best, which allowed me to relax and embrace my new confidence in my skills.

“Accepting help is its own kind of strength,” says Doug.


atWork Australia work with Australians living with disability, injury, illness or health condition to find meaningful work. To find out how we can help you, contact atWork Australia on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.


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