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Drae has turned his life around in three short months, gaining a traineeship in building and construction and in the process opening up his future to innumerable possibilities.

From the small town of Manyana in the stunning Shoalhaven area of the south coast of NSW, Drae, 18 approached the Ulladulla office of atWork Australia in August 2019. His Job Coach, Donna said he presented with a range of behavioural and social problems.

“His struggle to find work was also partly down to the lack of public transport in his rural community, and this was naturally causing financial difficulties too,” she says.

Donna knew Drae needed to address these barriers if he was to be motivated enough to find work and impress an employer. She spent several weeks building up trust between them, putting him at ease and listening to him articulate his needs and strengths. Together they set employment and life goals and Donna also helped build up his confidence in himself and his abilities, which was at the root of his behavioural issues.

After Drae expressed a desire to work in construction, they worked on his résumé and cover letter, both essential tools for job hunting success. Soon afterwards a local employer, Chappy’s Constructions led by Dave Chapman, and a family-run business, offered Drae a traineeship. This was the first time Dave had worked with an employment provider.

Now Drae is immersed in his traineeship, and “stoked” to be given a chance to show what he can do.

Donna says she’s seen an “amazing change” in Drae’s attitude, and he loves his job and gets on very well with his employer.

“I was able to gain a good rapport with Drae which boosted his confidence,” she says.

“I’m very pleased to see how far he’s come with his confidence, self-esteem, attitude, communication and his financial status.”

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