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Dylan is happy he crossed paths with atWork Australia and has finally secured sustainable work in a job he loves.

22-year-old Dylan from Beaconsfield in Tasmania was employed for a few hours per week in a job he loved as an Administrative Assistant but unfortunately was never a sustainable income that he could live from.

atWork Australia recently opened an outreach site in Beaconsfield within the Beaconsfield Community House. The local Disability Employment Services Job Coach, Dianne attended this office once a fortnight.

While meeting clients, Dianne met Dylan who was working at Beaconsfield Community House a few hours per week. In addition to this, Dylan was also working a couple of hours per week running a youth group that was organised through the local council. Dylan really enjoyed and wanted to continue with providing support work within the local community.

Dylan came from a small rural community and had completed a Certificate III in Community Services but was struggling with the low number of hours available for this role. He started to consider looking at different employment options or potentially moving from his hometown to the city of Launceston.

This is when Dylan joined atWork Australia and started to work with his Job Coach Dianne. She assured him that she could help him find meaningful work with increased working hours to meet his benchmark hours.

Together, Dianne and Dylan started to discuss what he was currently doing and the requirements he had with Centrelink.

Dylan suffers from severe anxiety, and the process of transitioning from Youth Allowance to Newstart was very stressful and confusing, Dylan was concerned his payments may stop.

This is when Dianne approached Janne, the Coordinator of Beaconsfield Community House and discussed the option of Dylan working additional hours for them.

As a neighbourhood community house with limited funding, they could not afford to employ Dylan for any more hours, even though they saw great potential in Dylan.

atWork Australia offered Beaconsfield house a wage subsidy and an incentive payment. This was a great option to support Dylan into employment to cover his benchmark hours.

“In the case of Dylan, the role was already there, it just needed atWork Australia to offer the subsidy to help create a permanent part-time role for Dylan,” said Dianne.

Dylan is very happy with his part-time position as he can now survive on an income that is supplemented by his Newstart allowance and allows him to be employed doing a job he enjoys within a sector he loves being part of.

“Dylan is learning a lot of new skills and has been given new responsibilities in his role with us,” said Janne, Coordinator from Beaconsfield Community House.

At atWork Australia we continually strive to provide the best support systems to help our clients overcome their barriers and secure good lasting work, just like we did for Dylan.

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