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Angus, DES client

For early school leaver Angus, finding a 1st-year apprenticeship in carpentry and joinery through the support of atWork Australia has allowed his confidence to grow and his dreams to come alive.

Angus lives with an intellectual disability and left school at the age of 17, as he was finding it challenging to complete school. That’s where atWork Australia came in. As an early school leaver, Angus was referred to atWork Australia’s Disability Employment Services and soon after met his Job Coach Chelsea.

When Chelsea first met Angus, he was struggling with social anxiety and was not confident about his future. Chelsea set about finding out what Angus did enjoy in school and what his hobbies are so that together they could establish what Angus’ career dreams and goals were, to then think about what types of jobs would best suit Angus. Angus uncovered his passion for carpentry, and so, Angus and Chelsea set off finding Angus a role in this industry.

Chelsea worked with Angus to build his self-confidence and improve his mental health, as well as to prepare him to be job-ready. Chelsea and Angus worked on preparing a cover letter, resume, and practiced interviews together, given Angus had no experience in this as he was newly out of school.

Roger, an Employment Engagement Consultant (EEC) at atWork Australia worked together with Chelsea and was able to access a wide range of employers. He connected Angus to a furniture and carpentry company that was happy to meet Angus for an interview, for a 1st-year apprenticeship.

After a great interview, Angus was offered a full-time, 1st-year apprenticeship with the company. Angus was over the moon that together with atWork Australia he was able to find a job in the industry he wants to pursue his career.

“It was inspiring to watch Angus grow in the six months that I have worked with him. I have seen him have moments of doubt or uncertainty that he has overcome, with our support”, says Chelsea.

Angus’ new employer is happy to have Angus on their team too, commenting “I have found Angus to be very enthusiastic and motivated. He always arrives to work on time and takes responsibility.”

Roger, Angus’ EEC is also over the moon with the outcome, “I’m happy to have supported Angus to realise his dream, it is extremely satisfying seeing Angus in full-time work with a promising future ahead of him.”

Angus’s journey into carpentry highlights our role as school leaver employment support providers, helping young individuals find their ideal career path. To find the right job for you, get in touch with atWork Australia via 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

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