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Lucy Strevett
Lucy Strevett

For some people eating and sleeping are their favourite time of the day. With that in mind, Lucy Strevett aims to make both meal and rest times as special as possible for the children she cares for.

The 22-year-old child care worker is employed part-time at Lilypad Early Learning Centre in West Ryde, NSW. The job followed her successful completion of a work trial arranged by a Disability Employment Services provider.

“I really like to help the children with their drinks and food,” said Lucy who started her job in November 2016. Lucy, who has congenital heart disease, permanent hearing loss, cerebral palsy and an intellectual disability, loves the caring nature of childcare work.

“When it is time for them to rest I make them cosy with a blanket,” she said.

One important way Lucy tries to overcome some of the barriers she faces at work is by lip reading. Unable to use AUSLAN (Australian sign language), due to her intellectual disability, Lucy manages her sensory communication issues and limited endurance with the support of her colleagues and the children too.

After completing her Higher School Certificate (Special Education) Lucy set herself some personal goals for work. She continues to work closely with atWork Australia since successfully completing her Transition to Work Program.

Lucy has relied on support from atWork Australia to find a paid position, settle in, and work with her employer to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

“atWork Australia are always there to support me in my work,” said Lucy.

“atWork Australia are easy to talk to and very friendly and Lilypad Child Care Centre is a caring and friendly place to work. I love going to work and being with the little children, I enjoy helping them and playing together,” she said.

Lilypad Early Learning Centre Director Angela Kim said she is very satisfied with the service provided by atWork Australia to matching the right candidate for their position.

“We are very happy with Lucy,” Ms Kim said.

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