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Elisha stand outside her local McDonalds. Quote reads Elisha has come a long way and has become very confident, outgoing and bubbly, said her Job Coach Janamba.

Disability Employment Services client, Elisha, lives with schizophrenia and finds social environments, including work, challenging.

When she met with Job Coach, Janamba, in the Southern Ranges, NSW, Janamba could see the potential in Elisha once she was partnered with the right employer.

“We talked about the types of work Elisha was interested in, and we focused on helping build Elisha’s confidence,” said Janamba.

Together they worked on Elisha’s resume, while they searched for roles that would suit Elisha’s personality, and the casual hours she was looking for.

Janamba searched for opportunities for Elisha and discovered the local McDonalds was hiring.

“I assisted Elisha in the online application and then Elisha organised herself an interview, which I ensured she was comfortable doing. I made sure she had appropriate clothes to wear and that she had organised transport, so she wasn’t late,” said Janamba.

As they had worked together on Elisha’s confidence, she was able to meet the employer face-to-face and landed a role.

“Elisha has come a long way and has become very confident, outgoing and bubbly,” said Janamba.

“Finding suitable employment has given Elisha so much more confidence socially and within herself.  It has also helped Elisha find new friends.”

Elisha is now thriving in the supportive environment at McDonalds.

”I love my Job, they’re so lovely,” said Elisha, Disability Employment Services Client, NSW.

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