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Emma graduated from high school last year and was awarded the Dux of years 11 and 12. She enrolled in a Neuroscience degree at university and wanted to find paid employment after volunteering at school. However, Emma experienced difficulties as she is living with selective mutism and social anxiety. She is a highly intelligent individual and was experiencing difficulties communicating this in interviews.

Emma can communicate using facial expressions and gestures. Emma applied to several entry level jobs and progressed to the interview stage, however since she was experiencing communication barriers, it was difficult for her to attend face-to-face interviews and thus she stopped looking for work.

Emma reached out to atWork Australia in Hamilton Hill, WA, where she met Job Coach Courtney. Courtney assisted Emma with reviewing her resume and enrolled her in the Positivum program to build her social confidence. Courtney also assisted Emma in brainstorming roles suitable for her and referred Emma to a Nightfill role at Woolworths. Emma successfully progressed onto the next stage.

Job Coach Courtney and Employer Engagement Consultant Henry negotiated with the employer for a virtual pre-recorded interview and obtained the questions prior to the interview so Emma could be prepared. Emma successfully secured the role with the assistance of Courtney and Henry.

Courtney says: “Emma made amazing progress! Once we had set the expectations with her, we began to take baby steps and slowly built up her confidence.”

After securing sustainable employment, Emma has kept in contact with her Job Coach quite often and has stated how much she is loving the normality that this job provided her and how supportive they have been.

When Courtney told Emma the exciting news, she: “was extremely nervous at the thought of getting a job.”

Courtney says: “Emma has always attended her appointments and completed any tasks asked of her. She was willing to give anything a go and never hesitated to write down questions or email them through to me.”

atWork Australia have assisted Woolworths in Spearwood to enhance their diversity and access a larger talent pool. Woolworths in Spearwood are willing to give everyone a go and have complimented Emma.

Matthew from Woolworths, Spearwood says: “Emma has fitted really well into our team. We have had positive feedback from all of her Line Managers, she always comes to work prepared and is a great worker!”

Courtney says: “Working with Emma has been challenging but definitely more rewarding. Seeing her grow and come out of her shell a little bit more. Each appointment gave me the confidence to know that she would be able to overcome the barriers she is experiencing and gain sustainable employment.”

Henry is in contact with Dave from Woolworths and receives regular updates on Emma through the Post Placement Support program. Courtney attended Emma’s first four shifts and assisted her with the in-store training and communicating with her Line Managers. Courtney also created a spreadsheet with the Woolworths layout so Emma can navigate her way around the stores.

Employer Engagement Consultant Henry says: “Emma is a really intelligent young lady; she just needed a bit of a helping hand to get into the workforce which we were happy to provide. Since starting with Woolworths, we have only had positive feedback from her Line Managers. This is only Emma’s first job and now that she has some self-assurance, I am confident she will continue to have success in the rest of her employment journey. I wish her all the best!”

Emma adds: “Courtney and the team have gone above and beyond to support me in every aspect of finding and settling into a job. I couldn’t be more grateful. I was amazed at how quickly I’ve found work with their help, and I am now feeling so much more confident about the future.”


Every year, atWork Australia helps thousands of clients like Emma expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.


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