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Emma, from Leumeah in Sydney’s south west, suffered a debilitating spinal injury in a car accident and, as a result, lives with chronic pain and depression.

No longer able to work in her chosen field of hospitality, Emma was unsure of what her future held, and where she could find work with her current skill set. She was referred to atWork Australia in 2019 and was introduced to Job Coach, Jessica.

Meeting regularly, Jessica talked with Emma about her situation discussing what Emma would like to do with her career and any restrictions on her physical capabilities.

Together they created a new rèsumè for Emma and practiced interview skills in mock situations.

Jessica also approached Emma with some options to upskill to open new doors for her. Emma decided that traffic control was a great area that she was physically capable of.

AtWork Australia helped Emma to obtain the relevant tickets she needed plus arranged for the appropriate work-related clothing to be supplied.

Jessica says, “Emma was very eager to take on any opportunity that was thrown her way which was a huge help to her finding work.”

Emma gained her certificates and was on her way to her new career.

Once qualified, Jessica continued to support Emma, helping her find employment with a large organisation who provide traffic control services across Sydney.

Emma was incredibly excited and thankful to find ongoing work after being unemployed for six months.

Her Manager says, “Emma is a dependable team member who is working hard to understand the tasks required of her in this role.”

Of course, the support didn’t stop when Emma got the job.

atWork Australia continues to provide Emma with any assistance she needs, and she often looks for further support from her Job Coach who continues to motivate and help her address any troubles she feels she is having in the workplace.

Jessica says, “Emma is a wonderful client who must have found it challenging to change careers due to her injury. It is great to see Emma thrive in the work environment and I only hear praise about her work from her boss.”

With the help of atWork Australia, Emma has found a stable career which she can see herself growing in and working in for a long time.

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