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Total Steel of Australia is a mining and metals company that has been working out of Laverton North, Victoria and has been in operation since 1974.

They pride themselves on their outstanding customer service, which has led to their success and longevity.

Company owner, Anthony, has been working closely with atWork Australia since 2020 and has hired a number of atWork Australia clients for various roles within his company.

With the extra support that they receive for their business, such as the pre-screening of candidates, on the job support as well as wage subsidies, Total Steel of Australia has been able to save time and money to allocate to the upskilling of their staff.

It is because of these assistances that Total Steel have become loyal advocates of atWork Australia and, as soon as vacancies become available, they will notify atWork Australia.

atWork Australia Employer Engagement Consultant (EEC) Swasti remarked, “the communication and feedback has been excellent, and they are willing to provide an opportunity for all candidates.”

Employer Anthony said, “we are committed to continuing this partnership with atWork Australia to provide employment opportunities for people within the local community.”

To date, Total Steel of Australia has employed 39 clients from atWork Australia, and that number continues to increase.

When asked about their newest employee, Anthony explained that all atWork Australia clients have shown great initiative in the company. Anthony added, “their newest employee has fitted in with the team and is working quite well. Our Operations Manager has all good things to say regarding the client.”

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