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Newport (VIC) local, Jaycob, 26, lives with an intellectual and learning disability and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). He experiences social anxiety which manifests when talking to strangers.

Jaycob’s mother, Susan, assisted her son with his employment journey. She saw atWork Australia’s TV commercial and recommended this Disability Employment Services provider to her son who visited his local Newport office and was matched with his Job Coach, Thomas.

Initially, Jaycob would not be comfortable communicating with his Job Coach and would often go through his mum who was nominated as a third party. His confidence in finding suitable work was low, given his mental health condition and learning difficulties. Regardless, Jaycob was very eager to work which made the life of the Job Coach a lot easier.

Thomas’ primary goal was to provide a safe, supportive and trusting environment for Jaycob by keeping all communication between parties transparent to establish Jaycob’s trust and improve his confidence and independence.

Jaycob was very pleased that Job Coach Thomas and Employer Engagement Consultant Swasti organised a permanent position as General Hand with Toll as this would help to regain his independence. He has been very appreciative of all the support and assistance he received from atWork Australia during his job search but also through post placement support.

Jaycob says: “I am looking forward to growing as a person, and becoming confident in my job, capabilities and skills. I’ve made good friends at my work and my confidence and quality of life have improved.“

His Job Coach adds: “Jaycob is a good young man who has been through a lot. To be where he is today is a testament of his willingness to not give up, to give everything a go and have a positive attitude.”

atWork Australia has assisted Toll with their recruitment needs for many years. Jaycob’s new employer was aware of him living with a disability and was very understanding and accommodating and genuinely supportive of his needs. The employer is delighted to say: “Jaycob is a fast learner who is always wanting to go the extra mile. He receives positive feedback from his supervisors on his attitude and performance.”

Gaining employment again has changed Jaycob’s life positively. Now, he is physically active, looking after his health, going to the gym, seeing friends, socialising, and living an independent life. Jaycob is looking forward to completing further courses and training to further develop his skills across industries and continue to grow as a person.

atWork Australia helps thousands of people just like Jaycob every year to find their way into meaningful work and life, let us help you too. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online.”

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