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With the right support, Ethel finally has the job she always wanted and is learning to let go of painful feelings about the past.

For some time, Ethel, who lives in Sydney, didn’t care what work she did as long as the job didn’t compound her anxiety and depression.

Her mental health barriers were the result of stressful childhood experiences, and these bad memories were preventing her from moving on with her life and reaching her potential.

When Ethel had been unemployed for three years, she was referred to atWork Australia’s Sydney office where she met her Job Coach, Chelsea.

Chelsea says that Ethel’s confidence was pretty low when they first met but she was also determined to turn her life around.

“I’ve watched Ethel grow as a person and now thrive in her new role, and that’s because of her positive attitude, persistence and drive,” she says.

To begin with, Chelsea worked with Ethel on changing her mindset by focusing on the positive aspects of her life and pointing out that, even if one area of life is not going well, that doesn’t mean other areas can’t flourish.

She also spent time helping Ethel create a strong résumé and cover letters, and they practiced interview techniques to project her most professional and polished qualities.

atWork Australia also funded both a police check and a driver’s licence for Ethel.


After several months all this hard work paid off when Ethel was offered a position as a tutor with Smart Kangaroo Education, in Padstow.

Now, every week she tutors students in Business Certificate III including a number of job seekers referred to her from Chelsea and atWork Australia.

“I seriously can’t be any happier than I am now,” Ethel says.

“I’m surrounded with lovely, caring people from atWork Australia as well as lovely students that Chelsea refers to me”.

“In my life I’ve always wanted to help people. Now I actually get to fulfil my goals, with the fantastic assistance of atWork Australia and the people from Smart Kangaroo Education.”

Chelsea says it is easy to see that Ethel was meant to help people.

“Every day she has such a supportive and caring manner with her students,” she says.

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