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Good news from atWork Australia.

atWork Australia’s Workforce Australia team in the Menai, NSW, office have supported their client to become confident with one of the most important life skills, managing personal finances.

When the client came to atWork Australia for support, they had been experiencing financial hardship. The flow on effect of experiencing financial difficulties then impacts a person’s confidence and ability to put their best foot forward when trying to secure employment.

When atWork Australia Job Coach, Kaniz, first started supporting his client, he believed atWork Australia’s Money Minded workshop would help prepare the client to be successful on their employment journey. The Money Minded workshop is a financial education program, designed to build knowledge, confidence and skills to make informed decisions and manage money to reduce financial stress.

The client was eager to start the training and really maximised their time within the program. The client has benefited by developing a strong understanding of how to identify financial priorities, setting smart financial goals, as well as creating and managing budgets. The client advised after completing the course that he has a more positive outlook on his ability to secure employment and to achieve financial stability.

The client’s journey with atWork Australia has been very successful. Which is a credit to his determination and willingness to engage with training facilitators to maximise his learning experience. Job Coach, Kaniz, said, “My client has gradually built his confidence and changed his thinking pattern from a negative to positive perspective.”

The client is now better prepared to continue on his employment journey. With his newfound confidence in managing his finances and with the support of atWork Australia, it is only a matter of time before he secures meaningful employment.

“Everything is possible. It’s all up to you, if you want to change it or not,” said atWork Australia Client

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