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Two men standing between two atWork Australia employees. Quote reads Having the support from atWork Australia means they know what I need, know what I want, and they find the right person.

Innovative employer, Exltrans, create roles specific to the strengths of their employees.

This technique is known as ‘job carving’, allowing atWork Australia’s clients to thrive while providing Exltrans with reliable team members.

Exltrans is a transport company based in Girraween, Sydney. They have partnered with atWork Australia for the past seven months and placed three clients into sustainable work.

atWork Australia’s Employer Engagement Consultant, Desiree understands the business and is able to support Exltrans from the team members they need.

“The challenges they face are finding people who are switched on, reliable, happy to be an ‘all-rounder’ where needed and do repetitive work. EXLtrans have a fun, family style environment to ensure all staff are happy, supported and enjoying their time while working,” said Desiree.

“The great thing about working with atWork Australia is they get to know what ours needs are and how we work,” said Exltrans owner, Brandan.

“When communicating with Desiree, and other atWork Australia team members, Sandy and Vanessa, it’s absolutely seamless. They know what we need, find what’s important to us, get the work aspect done quickly and then have some fun along the way.”

“It takes so much time going through applications and organising interviews, having cancellations, for example. Having the support from atWork Australia means they know what I need, know what I want, and they find the right person.”

The Exltrans team also enjoy seeing our clients flourish in their new workplace.

“Seeing the growth from start to finish is the most rewarding. Having new employees from atWork Australia who might be shy or not too confident but then come out of their shell within just a couple of days.

“Seeing the comfort, positive interaction and ease with other staff members so quickly is amazing.”

atWork Australia looks forward to continuing to work with Exltrans to connect business and people.

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