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Alex’s journey was on an upward trend from the start, he just needed the right support. Alex is autistic and lives with mental health conditions; he finds some social interactions challenging and was in need of a supportive employment services provider and employer to help him achieve his work goals.

Alex has always been motivated to find sustainable employment but was reliant on public transport and found it difficult to trust that it would get him to work on time, and home at a reasonable hour. Alex had been working in a pick-packing role for over two-years when he found his hours had reduced. That’s when Alex reached out to atWork Australia, Morisset, for additional support and guidance to find the right role with the right employer.

Alex was connected with his Job Coach, Tara, who worked with him to find a role that he would be familiar with and one where he could work independently. Tara shared tips and strategies for effective job searching, practiced interviews with Alex and provided financial support for new interview clothing. Tara also provided wellbeing support when Alex was unsuccessful with an application or interview.

Through his determination, Alex was successful in securing work as a pick-packer with a local employer.

Alex said, “I feel supported in the workplace. I was assigned a team member during training to show me around and assist me to understand the tasks.”

Alex’s employer recognised that small considerations would allow Alex to thrive. Alex was given clear instructions on his role and responsibilities; he was assigned a mentor and he was introduced to the other team members he would be working with. Inclusive workplaces and factors like these are imperative for the successful employment of autistic people. However, data submitted to the Department of Social Services[1] highlights that the labour force participation rate is 38% for autistic people of working age, compared with 84% of those without disability. Autistic people have many strengths to bring to the workplace and with the right opportunities, tasks and support, they can thrive.

Looking back on his journey so far, Alex says, “I felt supported knowing I had my Job Coach, Tara, there to help if I was having any problems at work. Having consistent employment has given me something to do with my time, having work gets me out of the house more.”

To others finding it difficult to find work that is right for them, Alex says, “you only get out what you put in, but don’t be discouraged over the losses.”

With a shortage of workers in the warehousing sector, atWork Australia recognise the importance of working alongside employers, to connect them with job-ready candidates who are eager to work. By working in partnership with employers, atWork Australia can support clients to find the right working environment for them, with the right support to help them overcome their barriers; enabling them to thrive through employment.

atWork Australia work with clients, not only through support that can help an individual overcome their challenges like Alex has, but also through practical and financial support building foundations to lead to sustainable employment.

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