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Jennifer was unable to find employment in an area that she would feel confident to work; many of the advertised roles on the various employment platforms specified they needed someone in a “fast-paced environment”. This immediately made Jennifer feel like she would not have the capability to pursue the opportunities.

From Cranbourne, Vic, Jennifer, 28, had been out of work for a year. Jennifer is living with intellectual disabilities that include cognitive/neurological impairments as well as confidence and episodic fluctuations.

Jennifer has been part of the Disability Employment Services program for 34 weeks, however, was introduced to her Job Coach, Maria only one month ago. Their instant connection made it easier for Jennifer to feel at ease.

Maria worked closely with Jennifer to understand her interests; discussing the employment opportunities that would be available to her that involved working with people and/ or animals. Having Maria on board allowed Jennifer to see past the written job advertisements and some of the wording that had made her feel like she would not be capable of the work.

Jennifer expressed to Maria that she would like to work in her local community as a School Crossing Supervisor. She wanted a job where she could be surrounded by people in a capacity that she would feel comfortable and with an employer that would make her feel confident with her disability.

Maria arranged for Jennifer to have a Working with Children and police check which was paid for by atWork Australia.

When Jennifer registered with atWork Australia she was shy and reserved; hopeful to find employment but unsure on how the services could support her. Overtime, Jennifer built her confidence to communicate her needs and goals with Maria, a Job Coach who understood how to approach working with someone who is living with intellectual disabilities.

Maria worked with Jennifer on communication skills and building the skillset required to be confident in her abilities and be able to express this in an interview. Jennifer became more capable and more determined to find something she liked; making decisions that would help support her future. Maria also introduced Jennifer to Martina, an Employer Engagement Consultant at atWork Australia who helps connect clients with employers.

Jennifer was ecstatic and excited to receive the news that she got the job as a School Crossing Supervisor. Jennifer felt so proud that she had successfully carried out the interview with confidence; articulating herself in a way that didn’t focus on her disability, but on her abilities.

Jennifer is looking forward to a long-term career as a School Crossing Supervisor in her local community; making a difference to many people’s lives each day with her interactions.

Jennifer said “I am very thankful for atWork Australia helping me find a job. I have really liked working with my Job Coach, Maria”.

Maria has enjoyed working with Jennifer and seeing her confidence grow saying “Jennifer has been an amazing client to work with; every time we have an appointment she is able to be open and honest with me about where she wants to be and what she wants to achieve with atWork Australia. Working with Jennifer has been an amazing experience”.

Every year, atWork Australia helps thousands of clients like Jennifer expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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