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Subhashree migrated to Australia a few years ago in search of new opportunities and a better life. She brought with her a wealth of experience as a Human Resources professional but like many migrants, found it difficult to secure employment that would utilise her experience and education.

When Subhashree first contacted employment services provider, atWork Australia, in Ryde NSW, she was experiencing challenges when looking for employment. Subhashree is a Disability Employment Services client who lives with Bipolar disorder and is the primary carer for her children; she needed work that would be flexible and allow her to manage her family commitments. Subhashree was connected with her Job Coach, David, and Employer Engagement Consultant, Roger, to work together and ascertain the type of roles and employment that would be suitable for her.

Through the support and mentorship from David and Roger, Subhashree interviewed with Konica Minolta. Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia is a market leading provider of integrated printing solutions. They deliver a range of print and imaging technology, software and services, as well as 3D printing and robotics. Roger said, “We were able to advocate Subhashree’s transferable skills and experience to Konica Minolta and they were supportive of tailoring her role to be able to balance her caring and family responsibilities.”

He continues, “We knew Konica Minolta would be a suitable option for Subhashree; they have been supremely supportive of our clients and are totally committed to diversity and inclusion as part of their strategy.”

Subhashree said, “David listened to me, was easy to work with and guided me to apply for suitable roles. Then when the time came, Roger was honest, transparent and prepared me well for the interview”. Subhashree was successful in her interview and is approaching one-year in employment as a Client Services Officer. This is Subhashree’s first role in Australia and she now feels like she is part of a community; she is grateful for the opportunity to be able to utilise her skills and strengths, while being supported through her caring responsibilities and barriers.

atWork Australia continuously collaborate with Konica Minolta, providing support with their end-to-end recruitment and providing Disability Awareness Training periodically to staff. This training, delivered by ex-Paralympian, former Disability Employment Services client and atWork Australia Ambassador, Shaun Pianta, highlights strategies that help build awareness in the workplace and provides the practical tools to facilitate and support a culture of accessibility, diversity and to open pathways for employees to feel safe to ask for what they need to be successful in their roles.

Konica Minolta’s People and Culture Manager, Sarah, says “atWork Australia have been fantastic in assisting us with our recruitment processes as well as providing insightful training on the importance of diversity and inclusion. We are so grateful for the support.”

Konica Minolta has encouraged their teams to be inclusive of people living with disability, injury or health condition, like Subhashree. It is important to recognise the value that bringing different skills, experiences, ages, genders, backgrounds and abilities will bring to a team and how that will create a dynamic culture that can solve more complex problems.

With a focus on assisting skilled migrants to utilise their experience and education in skilled employment, atWork Australia recognise the importance of working alongside employers, like Konica Minolta, to connect them with candidates who are eager and job-ready.

atWork Australia work with clients to provide practical and tailored support to ensure they are supported in all aspects of their journey, setting the foundation for sustainable work.

You can listen to subhashree’s interview with HR Leader here.

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