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Jason was unemployed for four years due to living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Then, Jason met atWork Australia’s NSW team members, Dina and Thomas and his journey to fulfilling employment began.

Due to his unique disability and background, Jason was applying for Disability Support Pension when he met with atWork Australia; the idea of “employment” was not in his radar as he had lost all faith in his abilities and self-worth.

After several mentoring sessions with Dina and Thomas, Jason finally started to believe in himself again, and what he could be capable of achieving. A Security Officer position was identified as a suitable employment opportunity, however getting the security license was met with difficulty due to the cost of the course, as Jason had a family he needed to support financially. With atWork Australia’s continuous support, Jason’s mindset changed and he now believed he could overcome his barriers and set his goal of becoming a Security Officer.

Dina, Jason’s Disability Employment Services Job Coach, found a course for Jason to obtain his security license, and sought funding to ensure the course wouldn’t have any out of pocket expenses for him. The course went for 11 days, and once completed, meant that Jason could obtain work in the security industry.

Dina also contacted Jason’s previous employer to let them know that Jason was upskilling through his course, and that he would then be seeking security work. Jason’s previous employer was more than pleased and agreed to meet Jason for an interview once he had finished his course.

Dina and Jason worked together to obtain all relevant paperwork, and Dina supported Jason through the process, helping him fill out forms and purchase new work clothes. The security license took two months to come through, once it did, Jason got offered the job, and is now in work that supports him, and his family financially, but also work that he enjoys doing.

Jason was very grateful for Dina’s support, “You and Thomas worked hard to get me into this employment, supported me financially and mentally, you both motivated me to get into what I enjoy doing.”

Dina is incredibly excited for Jason and his new chapter, “After four years of unemployment, Jason now has purpose and enjoys his security job – I am so happy to see Jason so happy.” Dina said.

Just like we did for Jason, we are there for our clients every step of the way, supporting them with training and courses to get them the right job with the right employer. Let us help you too. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online.

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