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37-year-old, Darren, from Bunbury Western Australia came to atWork Australia after struggling to find long-term, consistent work.

Since 1999, Darren has had inconsistent roles for only 2-3 months each.

Darren lives with anxiety and depression and has also moved constantly. A lack of stable accommodation meant Darren struggled to hold down a job for a long period of time. Darren also doesn’t have his licence, so this made some roles not suitable.

When Darren was assigned dedicated Job Coach Kristie, from the Bunbury office of Western Australia, his life started looking brighter.

Kristie worked with Darren to discover his passions and worked on implementing and sticking to a routine.

Darren came into the office for all his appointments, and Kristie discovered that he has a passion for logistics and recognised that further education could increase his chances of finding a role that suits him.

atWork Australia were able to fund Darren to complete education and he enrolled into a Certificate III in Logistics.

When Darren started studying Certificate III in Logistics, he was excited as it was something he wanted to progress in and build a long-term career.

Darren did the course over 26 weeks, he enjoyed learning about inventory, warehousing and freight.

During the course, Kristie encouraged Darren through contacting him and reminding him how far he had come. Kristie helped grow Darren’s confidence, which in turn led him to study hard, believing it will be a great long-term career for him.

After strong encouragement and support from the team, Darren was able to complete his Certificate. He instantly texted and called his roommates, his Mum and all his friends to let them know the good news.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to study Logistics and complete my Certificate III, I feel hopeful that it will lead to consistent and long-term employment”

Darren looks forward to working with Kristie to find suitable, long term work in logistics. Kristie is excited to see how Darren progresses in the workforce.

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