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The workplace is a significant environment that contributes to our mental wellbeing and health. For people with mental health conditions, finding work or returning to work and retaining a job is often a challenge. Disability Employment Services providers can assist people living with mental health conditions to find a suitable role, taking into account their perceived barriers.

Nathan from Norlane in Victoria has been unemployed for the last seven years and found it challenging to return to the workforce. He lives with anxiety and depression and faces financial difficulties due to being unemployed.

Nathan says: “The self-doubt goblins would see me deleting many applications or just not digitally submitting them.”

Nathan reached out to atWork Australia for assistance in finding him suitable employment. Here he met his Job Coach Lisa. He says: “The open and relaxed support was wonderful. They organised to cover the costs of little things – like fuel, new works boots and other gear, first aid certificate, police check and WWCC and the like – that might have otherwise stopped me looking for a job.”

Nathan describes his employment journey with atWork Australia as ‘wonderful and fruitful’. Lisa supported Nathan with two employment opportunities. While the first job did not provide Nathan with a lot of hours, it did provide him with the confidence to apply for more jobs. His second opportunity turned out to be successful and he was excited about returning to the workforce.

Nathan is looking forward to the future and says: ”Returning to the workforce is giving me the confidence to embark and work in my field of study.”

Nathan confirms that being back in the workforce had a positive impact on his mental wellbeing and health. He says: “Being a team-leader has brought back some of the confidence that I had earlier in my life and that has been missing for a while.”

“atWork Australia has been a wonderful support – in line with my expectations of what an employment support organisation should be“, concludes Nathan.

atWork Australia helps thousands of people just like Nathan every year to find their way into meaningful work and life, let us help you too. Call us today on 1300 080 856  or enquire online

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