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Matthew was very keen to get into the mining industry however, he did not possess the necessary qualifications.

He had been a Glazier or, glass repairer, for most of his working life although, he was unable to continue this particular line of work due to physical limitations.

Matthew commenced with atWork Australia Armadale, where staff worked closely with Matthew in order to build on his skillset by gaining further qualifications and training in the relevant fields, to get him closer to obtaining work in the mining industry.

atWork Australia assisted Matthew in obtaining a Working at Heights and Confined Spaces refresher course, as well as a basic Rigger course, which will invariably help Matthew sustain the work.

Matthew applied for job vacancies that were offering low impact work and he found an opening with a mining staffing company. They were happy to speak with him directly prior to the interview.

As a result of the courses that atWork Australia were able to assist with, Matthew was offered a role with the mining company that he was hoping for. The company expressed that they were very happy with the frequent and transparent lines of communication that were maintained throughout his induction and employment phase of the job.

Job Coach Kiah remarked, “Matthew was very happy and appreciative of the effort of his Job Coach and praised the staff in the atWork Australia office for their assistance.”

Kiah added, “Matthew was enthusiastic and always willing to give things a go. He committed to attending the office to do the online courses that he was enrolled in.”

Matthew responded, “Thank you to Kiah and the atWork Australia Team for helping me secure work at the mines. atWork Australia helped me gained the necessary tickets to gain employment. Highly recommended 10/10.”

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