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Pre 2016, life was pretty good for Lucy. She had a steady job and aspirations to complete her studies in a Bachelor of Communication (Social and Political Sciences.

Although, the exceedingly heavy workload took its toll on Lucy’s health as Lucy was living with an experience of chronic Endometriosis, which has seen Lucy in and out of surgery. It was clear that, to persevere in this capacity would not end well for Lucy and it was for this reason, that Lucy had to pry-back the hours that she worked and focus her energies on finishing her education. This was a wise decision, which saw her graduate University with a Distinction grade.

However, at this time, whirring away in the background, was COVID-19 and in September of 2020, Lucy was informed that the job that sustained her through University, would no longer be available to her. She was made redundant from her position.

Fortunately, having had a good relationship with her atWork Australia Job Coach Chelsea, Lucy immediately made Chelsea aware of her predicament and Chelsea found a job as a tutor with Smart Kangaroo Education PTY. LTD., a company who had had previous dealings with Chelsea and atWork Australia’s Disability Employment Service. It wasn’t her dream job… but it was a job.

Two weeks into her role as a tutor, Lucy got a call from a firm who offered her the position of Communication and Stakeholder Consultant, which tied in perfectly to her field of study.  This Lucy regards as the job.

Chronic pain as a result of Endometriosis had taken a hit on Lucy’s confidence however, the motivational coaching offered by Chelsea has been empowering to say the least.

Lucy and Chelsea worked together to set realistic goals. They reviewed and tailored Lucy’s resume and cover letters and maintained frequent on-the-job communication.

Lucy remarked, “atWork Australia have provided more than any employment agency. Chelsea has become a key support person in my employment journey as someone who also has chronic pain and illness. atWork Australia has been very supportive and my Job Coach Chelsea has shown compassion”.

Chelsea said, “I have very much enjoyed working with Lucy on her journey to find employment, as Lucy is always so bright and enthusiastic that just speaking to her lifts my mood that day. Lucy is always ready to contribute in any way she is needed to”.

Lucy said that she is “excited and ecstatic” to be starting fulltime work in the very near future.

Thousands of people living with a disability, injury or health condition have found meaningful work through atWork Australia. To see how we can help you or someone you know find meaningful work, call 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

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