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Client Tracey, said, "I could not of asked for a better Job Coach than I have found in Natalie."

Developing new relationships and learning to trust others can be difficult at times. When Tracey first came to atWork Australia and connected with her Job Coach, Natalie, she was very quiet and reserved. Natalie was patient with Tracey, and over several appointments, the pair began to develop rapport; Tracey could see that Natalie was showing interest in her and genuinely wanted to support her on this journey. As the pair developed their relationship, Tracey felt more and more comfortable to open up about her goals and what she would like to achieve over the next twelve months. Tracey shared that she’s had a tough past, she has experienced trauma and was looking for a fresh start.

Although Tracey might not have realised at the time, but when she walked into atWork Australia’s Workforce Australia office in Davoren Park, it would turn out to be the fresh start she was looking for.

Over the first few appointments, Natalie began teaching Tracey how to complete her job searches and informing her of alternative ways she could meet her monthly obligations. Additionally, Natalie referred Tracey to atWork Australia’s Wellness Services. This would give Tracey an opportunity to connect with a professional Wellness Advisor, who could support her and provide guidance on how to process the trauma she has previously experienced.

From the discussion with her Job Coach and Wellness Advisor, it has given her the confidence to strive for more. Tracey was able to identify that she wanted to pursue employment where she could help others. Tracey has experienced hardship and trauma in her life and wants to use her experience in overcoming these challenges to support others through their hard times.

Natalie called Tracey one day to advise of a company who were looking for staff, Tracey was accepting of the advice and applied for the position. By chance, when Tracey got a phone call for an interview she just happened to be sitting with Natalie at her desk. Natalie was able to listen to the interview and felt so proud of the way Tracey conducted the interview and confidently communicated her skills and abilities. Although the position was only four days work, Tracey took a tremendous amount of confidence away from that opportunity.

Tracey continues to take positive steps towards employment. She has recently completed atWork Australia’s internal program, Money Minded, and attended First Steps to Success. Additionally, atWork Australia provided funding for her to complete her Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) licence and she has just begun her Certificate III in Hospitality.

Tracey’s Job Coach, Natalie, said, “Tracey is extremely thankful for the opportunities she’s had. At first, she was reluctant to participate but once she started to engage, she couldn’t thank me enough for believing in her.”


“I could not have asked for a better Job Coach than I have found in Natalie. Thank you for always being supportive, especially when I was a giant mess. My life was in turmoil, and you made sure I got some help. That was just what I needed. I can’t thank you enough,” said Tracey.

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