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Buckland Estate is a family operated Grand Historic Property located in Western Australia. They offer a space for short stays, family celebrations, retreats, company functions and weddings.

In 2022, they were recognised as the Avon Chamber of Commerce Business of the year.

Buckland Estate are an avid and long-term user of employment services and a valued employer partner for the atWork Australia team in Northam, WA.

As the manager of Buckland Estate, Dianne, enjoys working with atWork Australia. She thoroughly enjoys the streamlined recruitment processes, friendly and responsive team, and the pre-screening of candidates. Our involvement significantly decreases the time she spends on recruitment, allowing her to spend more time in other areas of the business.

Dianne and the Buckland Estate team have onboarded four atWork Australia clients as housekeepers.

The most recent atWork Australia client to gain employment had only just moved to the region for family support regarding her homelessness. In her initial appointment, Dianne was present in the office looking to urgently fill a housekeeping role at the estate.

Dianne’s Employment Engagement Consultant introduced the client to Dianne, and they had an interview on the spot in the office and the client was hired.

Not only did this interaction benefit Dianne, but it also allowed the client to quickly gain employment to financially support their family in the recent move.

It is this flexibility and access to great candidates that Dianne is grateful for.

‘atWork Australia have been incremental in providing Buckland Estate with quality staff in a timely manner and have been very supportive in regard to the placement and needs of the team members and the business as well with information on subsidies and other support.’ Dianne, Buckland Estate Manager.

Buckland Estate did not have to implement any workplace modifications to cater to employees living with disability, injury, health condition or those who require additional support.

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