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Over two and a half years of unemployment, Daryl had tried other employment service providers. But with limited success, and feeling that he was being put forward for unsuitable roles, he had become disillusioned with the process. That was until he walked off the street and into the atWork Australia office in Shepparton and met experienced Job Coach, Belinda.

As Belinda explains, “It was the name that jumped out to him. He felt that atWork Australia could be the right place, and fortunately so.”

Belinda and Daryl got right to work. Belinda listened as Daryl explained his previous work where he’d been injured and his attempts to find the right type of employment since. He also mentioned that he thought his age was a factor in not securing interviews.

Not wanting to waste another moment, Belinda reviewed Daryl’s résumé as a starting point, making edits and ensuring that it would be the best possible foot forward.

With his résumé looking great, Belinda worked with Daryl on refreshing his interview skills and together they started the search for the right employer.

To Daryl’s absolute delight, just two weeks later he had been placed in full time employment as a machinist and forklift driver.

“I was really impressed in the turnaround time from registering with atWork Australia, to being told there could be something available, to having an interview, and then being successful in securing the position,” Daryl shares excitedly.

Laughing he adds, “I didn’t have a chance to change my undies, Belinda found employment so fast!”

For Belinda, the change that she has seen in Daryl has been inspiring.

“He was quite down in the dumps when I first met him, understandably so. But I knew that with the right support he’d be able to find the right work and the right employer. There are plenty of great employers out there.”

The final word from Daryl: “Belinda listened to me and found employment that played to my strengths. Thank you Belinda and atWork Australia.”

atWork Australia help thousands of mature aged job seekers, just like Daryl, find the right work for them. Our experience tells us that age is no a barrier to employment. Call us on 1300 080 856 or click here to get started on your journey to meaningful employment! 


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