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The Ready to Go Sodexo program is a 3-week training opportunity which leads to guaranteed FIFO roles for Indigenous job seekers with employer Sodexo.  This program is part of a successful collaboration with atWork Australia, as well as South Metropolitan TAFE who have all worked together since 2014.

This collaboration is led by atWork Australia’s Indigenous Employment Services (IES), a specialist service within the jobactive program.  The 2021 recruitment drive for the Ready to Go Sodexo program kicked off on 8 January at atWork Australia’s Cannington Office.

The IES team, together with Sodexo facilitate monthly information sessions for job ready and willing job seekers, providing them with vital information and advice about FIFO life with Sodexo, expected duties on site and what is required during the training course.

If the job seekers are still interested in working for Sodexo after the information session, they are interviewed by Sodexo, attend a pre-employment medical appointment, and proceed to the formal training course presented at South Metropolitan TAFE at Thornlie.  Upon graduation, the job seekers move into guaranteed employment with Sodexo.  IES provide the job seekers with general support throughout the program and beyond.

Up to 15 job seekers can attend the formal training course.

The monthly information sessions are open to all indigenous job seekers within the atWork Australia network, and are presented at a variety of atWork Australia sites, as well as some TAFE sites.

The IES team conduct similar training programs for Linkforce – Link to Opportunity (L2O).

For more information about the Ready to Go Sodexo information sessions, email Rob Beattie IES Coordinator via or phone 1300 080 856.

To find out more about atWork Australia’s IES please visit our website.

Pictured here is Rob Beattie (L) along with Nicola Larg, Indigenous Employment and Programs Specialist from Sodexo and the latest attendees at the Ready to Go Sodexo information session.

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