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"I am incredibly grateful to my Job Coach, Lachlan in finding this job for me" Connor, DES Client, WA

Connor (22) had been unemployed for two years prior to seeking the support from the atWork Australia team in Mount Hawthorn (WA). Connor is living with anxiety and despite previously managing to secure four jobs, he found these challenging as they required face-to-face interaction with customers, leading to an increase in his anxiety.

In December 2020, Connor was introduced to his Job Coach, Lachlan. Throughout their appointments they worked closely together and focused on Connor’s strengths and transferable skills while identifying areas of employment that would reduce the need for customer interaction and minimise any trigger points that may flare up his anxiety.  One of the areas identified was working in an outdoor environment. Lachlan searched our list of current employers and reached out to new employers.

Shortly after this, Connor found himself enjoying a new job working at a Car Wash at the airport. Lachlan recalls, “two weeks into the role, Connor phoned me to express his gratitude for finding him the job”.

Unfortunately, after six months into the role, Covid-19 impacted the employer and the business was forced to close, leading Connor to be unemployed once again.  Determined to assist Connor with finding employment, Lachlan started phoning around other employers to get Connor back into employment.

During one of these calls, Lachlan managed to engage in discussions with Bryan (Operations Manager) from Bright Kite Property Caretakers. Bright Kite had not dealt with atWork Australia previously and was keen to learn more about their services as they were having difficulty in finding suitable employees.

Lachlan introduced Connor to the team at Bright Kite and was offered a job. Bryan said, “from his first day we have noticed a huge rise in Connor’s confidence levels, and we are very proud of him and looking forward to a continued working relationship for a long time. The service provided by Zack, Lachlan and the rest of the team from atWork Australia over the past six months has been exceptional. We admire their dedication to helping out their people and the support they provide companies”.

Since employing Connor, Bright Kite have employed a further four clients from atWork Australia and look forward to engaging further discussions when the need arises to employ more staff.

“The service provided by Zack, Lachlan and the rest of the team from atWork Australia over the past 6 months has been exceptional.” – Bryan -Operations Manager (Employer), Bright Kite Caretakers

Every year, atWork Australia helps thousands of clients like Connor expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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