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atWork Australia Job Coach, said, “Caitlin is enjoying working and studying. She now feels part of the community.”

Before Caitlin came to atWork Australia, she had been unemployed for eighteen months. Caitlin had worked with other providers in the past, although she struggled to get the support she needed and decided to transfer to atWork Australia’s Noarlunga, SA, office to get support from the Disability Employment Services team.

When Caitlin first met her Job Coach, Katrina, she shared that she lived with Tourette syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and anxiety. Caitlin’s symptoms of Tourette’s include: involuntary movement and involuntary words.

In conversation, as the pair got to know each other, Caitlin shared that she was passionate about working with people with disability and increasing awareness of Tourette syndrome.

Caitlin had mention to her previous provider that she wanted to do a Certificate III in Individual Support. However, at that point Caitlin was not able to get the support she needed to complete the course. Now she was with atWork Australia and being supported by her Job Coach, Katrina, she wanted to revisit this opportunity.

Katrina helped Caitlin to find a training provider who delivered the Certificate III in Individual Support in a face-to-face setting. Caitlin was incredibly excited and soon commenced her studies. Not long into her studies, Caitlin was facing some challenges in the classroom. Due to Caitlin’s health condition, she said some inappropriate things to other students. Caitlin’s Job Coach, Katrina, and atWork Australia Service Manager tried to advocate on Caitlins behalf. However, the training provider said they were not prepared to have Caitlin in their course.

Caitlin was quick to put this experience behind her and soon found and alternative course through TAFE.

While Caitlin was studying, she discussed with Katrina that she would also like to find some part time work. Caitlin found an opportunity with Inclusive Management. Katrina was thrilled with Caitlin’s drive and determination. Katrina was able to negotiate a wage subsidy with Caitlins employer to ensure she got appropriate hours.

Caitlin is loving her new job and is following her passion of supporting people with disability. Caitlin continues to thrive in her workplace, she has recently celebrated her 26-week milestone in employment.

atWork Australia are excited to continue following Caitlin’s journey and watching her progress. Caitlin’s Job Coach, Katrina, said,

“Caitlin is enjoying working and studying. She now feels part of the community.”

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