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After being unable to find a sustainable job, Jacqueline is now completing a traineeship where she is enjoying being able to learn, work and study at the same time.

After working in a job that was no longer sustainable due to her learning disability and anxiety, Jacqueline ended up unemployed for over three years. After hearing about atWork Australia, Jacqueline’s Aunt contacted her local atWork Australia Bendigo office to help Jacqueline find employment.

When she first met with atWork Australia’s Disability Employment Services Job Coach, Pam, Jacqueline stated that she wanted a job where she could learn while working and gain a qualification at the same time. By the second appointment, Pam had already found Jacqueline an interview with a local home building company for a part-time traineeship.

Jacqueline was so excited for the opportunity to start work but also to be able to train and gain a qualification in Business. She was happy that an employer was willing to give her a go and support her as she studied her Certificate III in Business.

Jacqueline has now been working for over a year. Her Job Coach Pam said “Jacqueline has worked hard this past 54 weeks learning as she goes. She has been committed to her study and even though finds it difficult at times due to her disability, perseveres and is getting it done”.

Jacqueline was very grateful that atWork Australia could provide financial support by paying her fees as well as the moral support she receives from her Job Coach Pam.

“Pam was extremely supportive. If I was having a very low day, Pam was checking up on me, making sure my mental health was OK.

Pam has always been kind and happy to do whatever is needed to keep me employed and on track with my study. She has supported my employer, my trainers and myself, to ensure my traineeship is on track by visiting me regularly, following up on any issues and has put processes in place to make it easier for me,” said Jacqueline.

With the support of Pam and her employer, Jacqueline has been able to successfully work and study.

“I am enjoying my traineeship. I am learning every day and I can see a future now”.

At atWork Australia, we work tirelessly to support all our clients just like Jacqueline, to pursue a new career pathway and find meaningful and sustainable employment. Let us help you too. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online.

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