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Jamie lives with epilepsy and anxiety and has been out of the workforce for 20 years. He understood his limitations but wanted to feel useful and contribute to the community. After only one month with atWork Australia, Jamie found the perfect unique role for him.

Jamie came to atWork Australia in Ballarat Victoria, determined to find work but with the knowledge that his circumstances were unique and didn’t suit a lot of employers.

Job Coach Chanel worked with Jamie to create his first resume in 20 years, assisting him with recollecting his past and looking at skills that made him an asset to an employer. They created his first ever cover letter together as well.

“I encouraged Jamie to help me write his cover letter as it is a reflection of him and his personality. He needed to feel comfortable with it. We spent our first appointment working on this and chatting about footy – Jamie’s favourite sport,” said Chanel.

Jamie had specific needs, with his health, he could only work eight hours across a few days – not all in one day. However, with Chanel’s relationships with local employers, he had a few ideas on some suitable employment.

“I called a few employers, marketing Jamie to them and talking about his skills and abilities. I called employers I knew were supportive and understanding to his needs.”

“With a bit of luck, one of the local employers was looking for someone to work a few hours a day across four days which suited Jamie perfectly. Within a month of starting, he was employed.”

atWork Australia purchased clothing to help Jamie start in this new role, and since then he has been thriving.

“Jamie was so elated to have a job. He has since called me to say how happy he is at work, and how he gets along so well with his employer, both of them being footy fans,” said Chanel.

atWork Australia has a network of ready-to-hire employers. We work hard to find the right fit for both our clients and employers so both can thrive.

Every year, atWork Australia helps thousands of clients like Jamie expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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