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Jan is 46 years old and lives in Wollongong, a beachside city of NSW. Jan lives with Tourette syndrome which can make communicating difficult, resulting in Jan being out of work for more than 18 months.

Jan was very keen to find work though, even travelling to Sydney via public transport for interviews. Things didn’t seem to progress beyond these interviews though, that’s where Jan’s atWork Australia Disability Employment Services Job Coach Christine stepped in.

Together Christine and Jan worked on Jan’s confidence and social skills, helping Jan improve his communication too. Christine assisted Jan with enhancing his resume and interview skills, and Jan attended atWork Australia’s Jobs Now program where he attended group sessions with other job seekers on topics including interview skills and accessing the hidden job market.

Jan was a very willing job seeker and was determined this was his year to gain employment. He and his Job Coach Christine found a role vacant with a traffic management company also on the South Coast, which made it much easier for Jan to get to work rather than travelling up to Sydney.

Jan interviewed well and the good news is he was offered the job, making him feel incredibly proud. “Jan was a proud man as he was able to tell his family that he had a job. Jan had little self-confidence when we first met, always worrying what others thought and that he might be judged. Jan now feels worthy of gaining his new employment and is proud of his hard work,” Christine said.

Following Jan’s offer of employment he was persistent and didn’t give up, making sure he followed up with the employer and all the inductions he needed to do. Christine assisted Jan with all the online courses and inductions he needed to do to become employed, and he has now started working.

It’s all good news for Jan in his new role as a Traffic Controller, “I don’t feel bored, I’m happy to feel tired and look forward to my next shift. atWork helped me with finding work and gave me the confidence to attend interviews, they were always supportive and helpful,” Jan said.

Christine feels very positive about Jan’s outcome too, “Jan has been a pleasure to work with and has never given up, showing he won’t be beaten. He is showing more confidence and deserves all that comes to him,” Christine, Jan’s Job Coach said.

Some people know what they want and are ready to launch straight into a new job. Some people need to gain new skills first. Some people need support in understanding the best type of work and workplace to match their lifestyle, skills and abilities. Everyone who walks in the door needs a plan that suits them, whatever their needs are. Our Job Coaches develop tailored plans for all of clients, all with the aim of finding them the right job with the right person every time, just like Jan.

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