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To meet a new person for the first time is daunting for anybody but for Jason, he had his work cut out for him. After coming to atWork Australia having experienced acute health concerns in May of 2020, the world was in its first stages of uncertainty due to COVID-19. As with many, anxiety was high but for Jason, the state of the world only compounded his pre-existing mental health concerns.

Jason got to greet his first Disability Employment Services Job Coach, Mark, who acknowledged and responded to Jason’s unique situation by first, facilitating a face-to-face meeting, then methodically determining Jason’s employment and educational goals and perceptions through Positivum.

Jason relished his involvement with his Job Coach Ryan and agreed that, more frequent meetings of once a week rather than fortnightly would be more beneficial considering Jason’s experience of social isolation and significant trust issues.

Over time, they developed a strong relationship as well as clear and realistic employment goals, which allowed for atWork Australia’s staff to engage and negotiate with the most appropriate employers. Once Jason’s resumé and antiquated JSCI information was updated, he was job ready.

Through engaging with employers in the region, Mark the Job Coach established a relationship with the company, El Washo, who needed a Laundromat Driver to cover a new major contract.

Jason was perfect for the job.

The employer was aware of atWork Australia’s talent pool and selected Jason for the role. This would see him working for 25 hours per week.

Jason was “ecstatic” when he found out that he got the job.

The employer remarked, “Jason is the reason I do this job. His level of enthusiasm was equalled by the Job Coach, which makes It so much easier”.

Proud of his indigenous connection to the Jajali Mob (Broken Hill), Jason hopes to inspire other members of his community to follow in similar employment paths to his.

The practical and holistic support, such as the resume development and interview practice that Jason received, not only re-engaged him with the workforce but society overall.

Here at atWork Australia we pride ourselves on working with various partners to be able to connect talented jobseekers with the right job and the right employer.

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