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Unemployed for more than three years, Jason was beginning to wonder if he would ever find sustainable work. Then he found atWork Australia and his life took a turn for the better.

Jason, 29, from the southern Perth suburb of Gosnells, had previously been working as a baker. However, Jason struggled with the incredibly long hours and how those hours affected his mental health, resulting in him losing his job.

Being referred to the Gosnells branch of atWork Australia was life changing for Jason. He met with Disability Employment Services Job Coach, Louise and together they discussed what types of employment would be suitable, and what paths were available for Jason.

Although Jason was unsure of himself, Louise could see that with the right support he would be successful in his job search.

During a series of appointments, Jason and Louise worked together to create employment goals, worked on interview skills and held mock interviews, as well as finding Jason a new direction to take his career.

Jason decided to complete a Traffic Management course which helped boost his confidence, and it wasn’t long before Louise was able to set up a job interview for him.

Jason couldn’t believe his luck when he was offered a position and while very nervous to be starting something new after three years, he was also very excited at what the future held.

“Louise did an awesome job and I could not have achieved this without her,” he said.

“I had tried so many times to find work, but Louise made it easy for me. She was always so positive and has really helped me change my life,” he added

Louise also helped Jason with the essentials he needed for his new role in Traffic Control by providing the required uniform.

“I am so proud of just how far Jason has come and his determination to improve himself,” Louise said.

Since finding his new path Jason’s confidence has improved greatly and his mental health gets better by the day. He says his new motto in life is “to work hard and stay positive”.

atWork Australia and their dedicated Job Coaches help job seekers like Jason stay positive and focused in their journey to finding sustainable employment. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to get started.

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