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A medical condition that became debilitating with fatigue and chronic systems, prevented Jeanette from working in a field she’d dedicated her life to. After serving years as a Chef in the English Armed Services, Jeanette decided to start a new life in Australia cooking nutritious meals for Australian miners.

Unfortunately, her medical condition wasn’t conducive to 12-hour shifts in a pressure environment. As a result, Jeanette struggled with confidence in her job search, unable to envision working again within her trade.

Eligible for Disability Employment Services (DES), Jeanette registered with atWork Australia in Bunbury to receive the support she needed to get back into meaningful employment. It was a move that proved to be a positive turning point.

With her dedicated Job Coach Kelli, Jeanette was able to finally feel understood and validated about her health and fatigue. Through discussing strategies of how she manages her condition and how this could translate into a work environment, Kelli was able to build Jeanette’s confidence in her ability to find a role that would suit her skills and needs.

Kelli also encouraged Jeanette to grow relationships with local business owners to share her story and desire for work. With a more positive outlook, Jeanette started to talk with a local Deli owner about her situation and within a week was offered a role as a Kitchen Hand.

Jeanette is able to use her trade skills in a relaxed, supportive environment providing nutritious, Italian themed, evening meals for the successful Friday night Pasta night. Jeanette and the Deli owners are now working successfully together to produce positive results for each other and the community.

“It’s wonderful to see Jeanette’s journey from feelings of despair to growing in confidence and being hopeful for the future,” said Kelli. “The Deli owner is one of a growing number that understand that provided a candidate meets the essential requirements of the role, reasonable adjustments can be made to achieve a successful outcome.”

Jeanette was thankful to Kelli and atWork Australia saying, “I haven’t felt safer and more supported in the last 2 years since meeting Kelli at atWork Australia. This has made me feel more positive about being able to work and starting a new job this week,” said Jeannette.

Jeanette will be celebrating with her son who is coming over from England to visit.

No matter your barrier to employment, atWork Australia will work tirelessly to find you the right job. Work that reflects your goals and desires and allows you to get what you want out of life. Call us on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

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