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Jess, 29, from Shepparton, has always been passionate about helping other people. She had been a registered nurse for approximately 12 months prior to being involved in a car accident that changed her life. The trauma of the accident caused a compressed disk and nerve impingement in both hip and back, which led to severe depression over time. After the accident, Jess was unable to continue working in her previous role due to chronic back pain and was unemployed for just over two years.

Jess is unable to drive or hold a driver’s license as she has partial blindness in both eyes. Not having a driver’s license became a barrier for employment for Jess, as employers did not want to employ her due to her inability to drive.

Jess is highly qualified in her field and has completed a Diploma of Nursing, Certificate IV in Youth Work, Certificate III in Aged Care, and Certificate III in Home and Community Care. Despite her excellent resume, Jess realised that she required assistance from a Disability Employment Services provider to support her with returning into the workforce and managing her barriers.

At the atWork Australia office in Shepparton, Jess met Job Coach Brad who assisted her with building her confidence and providing her with guidance in applying for suitable roles. He assisted her with gaining her Working with Children Check and NDIS Worker Screening Clearance to be able to work in a support worker role.

Jess passed on her resume to local employers and was able to secure a role as a Disability Support Worker by herself. She was excited when she found out that she got the job.

Jess says: “I am so relieved as I thought that I would never work again. Due to my chronic pain, I could not function for the first 12 months after my accident.” Physiotherapy, Spinal injections, hydrotherapy, seeing a chronic pain specialist as well as a psychologist regularly has helped her to regain her life and motivated her to return to the workforce.

Jess adds: “I am looking forward to the future, and I am happy that I can now continue the journey that I started a long time ago. I am glad that I have overcome my limitations, and achieved what I set out to achieve.”

Jess describes her Job Coach Brad as understanding, consistent and following through with things he outlined he would do. “Brad was very supportive, and went above and beyond to help with building my confidence, making time for me (even between appointments) and assisting me in gaining employment”, says Jess gratefully.

Jess’ Job Coach Brad concludes: “Jess has been a great client and I have enjoyed being a part of her employment journey. To see her happy in a role that she has wanted to be in, and overcome her barriers has made her process back to employment an enjoyable experience to be a part of.”

Every year, atWork Australia helps thousands of clients like Jess expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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