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Client Troy (left) and Job Coach Brad (right)

Job Coach Brad is no stranger to finding opportunities for those who he comes into contact with, and without delay. For example, the time when client Troy (pictured left) found work within six days of commencing with atWork Australia, with Brad’s assistance.

Brad has been working in the employment services industry for over five years and has only showed continual improvement and enthusiasm as his caseload grows.  The most memorable outcome for Brad would be working with client Sally* who is living with spinocerebellar ataxia and is confined to a wheelchair for mobility. Brad said, “She was so passionate about wanting work, and has such a positive outlook on life with so much value to add to a business, that an employer created a position for her as an admin intake worker.” atWork Australia was able to support with workplace modifications to ensure that she was able to work in her new environment and buy her equipment so that she could reach items from her wheelchair. There was shared appreciation from both client Sally and the employer at the success of the tailored workplace arrangements. Brad continued, “Having an employer that is both understanding and supportive, as well as someone who is flexible, has really changed this client’s life.”

By all accounts, Sally’s wellbeing was greatly improved by having a sense of belonging and purpose in a job that she enjoys and wants to continue to come back to.

It is said that it’s often difficult to talk to employers about encouraging a diverse workplace but, this sharp change of Sally’s situation typifies the breaking down of stigma for those living with disability injury or health condition. Brad said, “To see someone shine in their role and find an employer that is so genuine and inclusive, has definitely reminded me of why I come to work every day and why I enjoy doing what I do.”

Brad said, “Sally was very excited when she told me she got the job. Going for a job interview, not getting that job, but having a job designed for you is a great achievement. It shows that an employer sees the value you can add to their organisation, and it really couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. Sally is so full of life and she does not let her disability define her as a person. It shows that good things can come your way if you have a positive outlook and a can-do attitude in life.”

Brad is of the belief that the role of a Job Coach is not just about getting people jobs, it’s about helping our clients meet the right employers. It’s about building the relationship between client and employer so that their employment is ongoing and sustainable and a place where all parties are happy with each other.

Brad said, “One of my passions is helping others, which is what directed me into wanting to work in this industry. It’s very rewarding helping people into having a more positive life, as well as job security, and seeing how happy they are in the job that they want to be in.”

Brad’s role of Job Coach came about from meeting someone who was working as a Job Coach, this coincided with a time when Brad was looking for a career change. They encouraged Brad to upskill and apply for a position with atWork Australia and the rest, as he says, is history.

The role of a Job Coach in the Disability Sector can be challenging, but Brad’s strategy is to always focus on ability. Brad remarked, “It can be all about changing someone’s mindset through confidence building and helping them believe in themselves. There is no bigger reward than to start working with someone who tells you what they are passionate about, where they want to be in life and helping them to get their chosen career. It’s inspiring to see their happiness.”

Early in Brad’s career, he worked as a residential care worker for out of home youths who resided in DHS purpose-built houses. He was trained in how to deal with trauma and challenging situations, as well as gaining a Certificate IV in Mental Health. His former roles set a foundation for Brad in building rapport with clients, instilling non-judgemental attitudes, how to best communicate with clients and colleagues and understanding the traumas and mental health concerns that a client may have experienced in the past. Brad was trained in a strengths-based approach and applied this to the therapeutic settings of which ‘he cut his teeth’.

One of the most inspiring things that was said to Brad, was when a client went through a relationship breakdown, homelessness, feeling suicidal, worthless and had no support network. After helping him with his life and work he said “Thanks so much Brad. You have helped me and my life more than what you will ever imagine.”

For Brad, the neutraliser for such experiences is his animals, a passion that offers solace through adversity, putting the mind at ease and allowing for a rejuvenated outlook for the weeks to come.

It is no surprise that Brad concluded by saying, “Waking up every day knowing that I can help make a difference in someone’s life, if I can make someone else happy, then that makes me happy.”

*Sally’s name has been changed for privacy reasons

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