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Belinda is known to be a strong woman who survived breast cancer in 2008.

It was only a few years after, that she lost her life partner, which had her fall into a deep depression.

With a great support network around her, Belinda managed to work through all these challenges and maintain a smile and a positive attitude.

She has always enjoyed giving back to her community and her career history is proof of this. Belinda has undertaken a myriad of caring and domestic cleaning roles, for those in aged care homes. She also volunteers at Vinnies in her downtime from work.

The fact that Belinda had to travel to help care for her sister who is living with Down Syndrome, had an impact on her ability to find work and Belinda had to regain her confidence to get back into the workforce.

atWork Australia Job Coach Jennifer said, “I worked closely with Belinda to identify her strengths, weaknesses and abilities. We worked on her confidence and mindset towards employment”. She went on to say, “Belinda has always been great to work with as she always shows up on time and is there for every appointment and activity.”

To increase her chances of interview success, she attended Jobs Now sessions, which covered resume writing and cover letter etiquette, which soon saw her into employment.

When given the news about her successful job interview, Belinda said that she “Felt really good and shocked and saw it as a great opportunity’’.

Belinda mentioned that the service provided to her was ‘Wonderful and supportive’.

“I have been very pleased to be able to be working again and getting some independence back with the satisfaction of helping others in their daily life. It has been a pleasure meeting Jennifer and having her supporting me along the way. I have been very grateful for Jennifer’s support.

Our Employer Engagement Consultant (EEC) Stefan had been working with a new employer who he developed a strong relationship with, through advocating face to face and remotely.  Since hiring Belinda and being very happy with the service provided by atWork Australia, `Belinda’s employer has already recruited more of atWork Australia’s clients.

The employer remarked, “Belinda is an absolute pleasure to work with, she is so humble and does not complain about anything. Belinda always gets the job done to a very high standard. I couldn’t ask for a better employee.’

Job Coach Jennifer said, “It has been an amazing opportunity to have this type of employer on board, taking on multiple clients of ours. Stefan, our EEC did a great job to get the relationship with such an amazing and understanding Employer”.

The great feedback about Belinda’s work just keeps coming and we are confident that it will continue well into the future.

Every year, atWork Australia helps thousands of clients like Belinda expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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