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atWork Australia Client John, said,"Thank you for all the help and uplifting my spirits"

For a long period of John’s life, he had stable employment, including fifteen years in security, mining, and as a trade assistant. Following this, he worked on and off in traffic management. Unfortunately, for the past ten years, John’s extensive list of health concerns has kept him out of the workplace. Now, with the support of atWork Australia, John is making tremendous progress, taking positive steps to improve his life and move closer to re-entering the workforce.

John came to atWork Australia’s Workforce Australia office In Albany, Western Australia, at an extremely challenging period of his life. When John met his Job Coach, Jasper, he shared that he had significant health concerns that had kept him from working, including anxiety, depression, substance dependence issues, and diabetes. John also has difficulty in social environments and finds it extremely challenging to leave his house. The flow on effect of John’s health barriers, and extended period of unemployment, is adding further strain to his mental health with financial insecurity. Jasper listened to John and re-assured him that he was not alone and atWork Australia were here to support him throughout his journey. Additionally, Jasper advised John that atWork Australia could support him in more ways than just finding employment.

Jasper referred John to atWork Australia’s internal counselling program, Wellness Works, which is delivered by professional Wellness Advisors. John regularly opens up to his Job Coach, Jasper, and his Wellness Advisor, Cameron. Both have encouraged John to seek out a strong social network of people who he can trust that can help him with his physical, emotional and mental health challenges that he faces.

John was grateful and appreciated their advice. John is now involved with groups, such as the local Men’s Shed. John keeps busy by making wooden crafts and connecting with his community. He is also receiving support from neighbours, healthcare workers and friends who encourage him to reach out for support. John admits that when he first came to atWork Australia he was in a great deal of despair about his situation; he struggled to even leave the house and look after himself. Now, he is much more hopeful and positive about his situation as he continues to take positive steps forward. John said, “I am very overwhelmed by the compassion and encouragement I have received from the team at atWork Australia. “

Through Wellness Works, John has developed his confidence; he is taking positive steps to work towards achieving agreed goals. John has now developed an established support network; he continues to develop his woodworking skills and is increasing his social engagement at the Men’s Shed.

“Thank you for all the help and uplifting my spirits,” John.

Every year, atWork Australia help thousands of clients  like John, expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire onlineto find out how we can help you meet your career goals.


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