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Having stable and meaningful employment can often be as important as having a job as it provides us with consistency and improved long-term mental wellbeing and health.

John, 55, from Quinns Rock in WA has found his last few roles through a local Labour Hiring Company, however, these positions were never stable.

John has experienced challenges at previous workplaces due to occasionally getting flustered, confused and requiring additional training. John was unable to hold any job for a long period of time as employers expected a quick turnaround of newly acquired knowledge. What John really needed was a supportive employer who would take the time to explain John’s role in more detail to him and be patient throughout the learning process.

To request further support, John reached out to the atWork Australia office in Clarkson where he met his Job Coach Ali and Service Manager Pratik. John was coming into the atWork Australia office on a weekly basis to do assisted job searches with Ali and to go through interview preparation. Ali advocated for John and put his resume in front of many local employers with the aim of securing a work trial for John. In addition to that, Ali checked in with John regularly to ensure that he was happy with the progress of his employment journey.

Ali says: “John was very motivated and persistent. He has always been in contact with me to find out if he can go for a work trial or an interview.”

Pratik reached out to his personal contact who owns a local business and was able to secure a long-term employment opportunity for John working as a Yard Hand at a timber and wood processing company. John was very happy about his new role but also concerned that it might not be a long-term position, as this has been an issue in the past. Pratik is happy to report that John is still working in the same position.

John was very happy when he found out that he secured employment as he was desperately looking forward to working full-time again and being in a stable position. It was his best day when he heard the news that he finally got a job. John has been working very hard over the last few months to secure suitable employment.

John says: “My Job Coach has been persistent and really helpful throughout my employment journey. I appreciated him calling all the time and checking in with me.”

He also adds: “Finding long-term employment and an understanding employer made me feel more confident. I proved to myself that I can do it.”

Pratik concludes: “I have seen John’s skills improving significantly over the last few months. His willingness to go above and beyond to find work has been inspirational.”

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