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When 60-year-old John from Melville came to atWork Australia he had been unemployed for nearly one and half years. John was struggling with several barriers, mainly his physical issues including the need for a hip replacement, suffering from depression due to his physical ailments and lastly his age.

John’s hip was deteriorating at a rapid rate, but John was waiting for surgery through the public health system. This was all taking a major toll, resulting in him feeling very depressed and extremely worthless. He was unable to drive his manual car or take public transport due to his hip injury.

John then met his Disability Employment Services Job Coach Jacqueline at atWork Australia’s Spearwood office. At first, Jacqueline worked together with John on his resume and cover letters as he was not able to do the same role due to physical reasons and even after he had the hip replacement he faced several setbacks due to post-surgery infection.

Jacqueline implemented strategies to help build John’s confidence and self-care. This was supplemented by John completing atWork Australia’s in-house health coaching program ‘Positivum’ which helps to address self-beliefs and perceptions relating to health and working and improving health self-management.

In addition, atWork Australia’s support didn’t stop there. Jacqueline organised for John to complete the Jobs Now Program, which is made up of several group sessions that covers all aspects of preparing for employment opportunities. This includes conducting mock interviews and searching for and applying for jobs.

atWork Australia and John’s Job Coach Jacqueline provided him with endless support and positive guidance which ultimately lead to John securing his own employment.

“When John told me that he had found a job, I don’t know who was happier – John or his Job Coach, ME!” said Jacqueline.

John continues to keep in contact with Jacqueline, keeping her in the loop with his current situation. “My special thanks to Jacky (Jacqueline), for restoring and maintaining my self-esteem throughout a difficult period of my life. Jacky especially focused on me and put things into clear perspective in a kind and professional manner,” said John.

Employment changes lives for the better, and life has dramatically changed for John and his wife. Since securing meaningful employment, John and his wife were able to recently move to a better rental property as they had to previously downsize due to financial reason’s when John was out of work.

Let atWork Australia help you gain employment and reach your goals just like John has. Contact us today to get started, Call us on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

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