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Young job seeker Jorja came to atWork Australia with a true passion for cooking and a keen interest in working in hospitality, she just didn’t have any experience or qualifications to support her in her pursuit for a job in this industry.

Jorja is eighteen years of age and left high school in year eleven, keen to enter the workforce in her small town in Queensland. Jorja struggled to find work as there weren’t many roles available, and due to her lack of experience or skills, the roles that were available went to someone else. Jorja then met her local atWork Australia Disability Employment Services Job Coach Julie. In a similar position? Click here to find out how we can help you too. 

Upon meeting, Jorja and Julie set out to define Jorja’s career and life goals, agreeing a job and gaining an education in the Hospitality space was the perfect fit for Jorja – given her passion for cooking and preparing special, intricate dishes for her family and friends. Julie could see that Jorja was a confident communicator and felt her customer service skills were good, however contacting local employers about roles that Jorja was interested in confirmed that Jorja needed to enhance her skills and education within the hospitality space, before she would be able to work.

Julie then set out on finding the perfect course for Jorja, where she could learn and develop her skills with flexibility, given her regional location and the fact she doesn’t own a car. Julie identified an online Certificate III in Hospitality, offering great learning outcomes and flexibility for Jorja to complete the course from home. Julie and Jorja completed the enrolment process together and confirmed the dates where Jorja could do the required on-the-job work experience.

Jorja has now started the course and feels very excited about her studies and her future. “Having all the food handling and food safety knowledge will open many more employment opportunities, I’m excited by the kind of jobs that I can apply for in the near future,” Jorja said. To accompany her studies, Jorja also plans to work on getting a job, which will also help with buying a car to give her the flexibility that potential employers in the hospitality industry will require.

The future looks very positive for Jorja, with her course underway she is certainly on the right path to fulfilling her career dream of working in the hospitality sector. “With this new focus I look forward to what is to come,” Jorja said.
With atWork Australia’s support Jorja has been able to study her Certificate III in Hospitality, setting her up for a great career in this space. Jorja’s Job Coach Julie will continue to support her to find work too, when the timing is right, and is thrilled to be supporting Jorja on this journey.

atWork Australia not only help job seekers with finding work, we also support them to define their career goals, and to then reach them whether that be via training, personal development and so on. We are there every step of the way, ensuring our job seekers reach their goals and find the right job with the right employer.

Jorja’s story of reaching her career goals is but one of many success stories from our clients.

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