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Joseph considers himself an old-fashioned family man who likes meeting with and speaking to people face-to-face.

He has worked as a security guard for pubs and clubs for more than six years and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Joseph found himself becoming more of a safety officer. It was this role that inspired him to go further.

When he heard that Blacktown Hospital needed people to perform health screening at their entrances, he signed up immediately.

As a father, Joseph believes that it is important to do everything possible to ensure his family, essential workers and communities stay safe.

Joseph has witnessed all types of people who visit the Blacktown Hospital, many of which are going through difficult times. It is for this reason that Joseph inspires people as they walk into the main entrance. Perhaps with a joke, or just a simple smile regardless of the fact that he wears a mask.

“It makes me happy when I can make someone a little happier”, Joseph remarked, “I want COVID-19 to end but I will really miss working at Blacktown Hospital because of the people I’ve met. The staff treat one each other like a family and I really like being part of this team”.

He was unemployed for almost two years and his scarcity of experience only compounded his already existing confidence deficit, which in turn, limited his job prospects.

atWork Australia Quakers Hill Job Coach Benjamin, has worked closely with Joseph in building key skills to increase workplace confidence and a more positive outlook on employment.

As Joseph had a Security Officer background, Job Coach Benjamin referred Joseph to this position as he knew he would be able to make an easy transition with his transferable skills. Since starting, he has thrived in the workplace with many staff and patients complimenting him on his positive attitude.

Joseph has always had the right attitude towards working however, he lacked confidence in himself. Through his time being coached by atWork Australia’s staff, there has been a significant spike in confidence and a new-found motivation, which has led him to the job that he still holds now.

Job Coach Benjamin said, “Joseph was very nervous, as with anyone starting a new job, but he was absolutely stoked and could hardly wait to start”.

Joseph found that atWork Australia has helped shape his life positively, in a short period of time. From being unemployed for almost two years, to now waking up with a purpose and helping people stay safe on a day to day basis.

Joseph cannot thank atWork Australia enough for connecting him to meaningful employment with such a great team.

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