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Cartwright local Joshua hasn’t worked since he was 24. Now, at the age of 28, Joshua has recently found good work amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Joshua approached the atWork Australia Liverpool office eager to find work. Living with a mental health condition, Joshua’s confidence to find work on his own was low.

Joshua’s mental health condition saw him in and out of the hospital for treatment and support. Due to this, Joshua had no qualifications and little experience in the workforce.  When Joshua joined atWork Australia, his life started to turn around.

Joshua was partnered with friendly Disability Employment Job Coach Yvette, and the two of them began working on Joshua’s journey to meaningful and sustainable employment.

To begin, Yvette started helping Joshua to make short-term and long-term goals. During this, Yvette was able to see what sort of roles Joshua would thrive in. Yvette commented on how eager Joshua was to find good work. She knew with the right support he would be working in no time.

After setting goals, Yvette worked with Joshua to update his resume and cover letter. When it was time to look for potential roles to apply to, the coronavirus pandemic had started affecting the job market.

Joshua was nervous that the pandemic would affect his chances of finding work, but Yvette assured him they could find the right role.

Yvette and Joshua applied for a role as a General Assistant for a local Multicultural Community Services Centre Charity. Joshua was thrilled to even be offered an interview. Much to his excitement, he was then offered the role.

Joshua now works eight hours a week, which suits his lifestyle and ticks one of his short-term goals. Joshua is a helping hand for the charity, assisting with anything the employer asks of, such as building furniture, cleaning and assisting clients with their needs.

Joshua was thrilled to accept the role and begin working, “I am really happy to be employed, especially during the pandemic. I had almost lost hope.”

“Joshua has been great to work with, it has been a pleasure watching him achieve his goals,” says Yvette.

We can help find meaningful work. Get in touch with atWork Australia today to get started on your employment journey. Call atWork Australia today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online.

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