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Twenty-five year old Justin from Inverloch, VIC came to our Wonthaggi office located at Work Solutions Gippsland, seeking assistance to find work. Justin had been unemployed for 7 weeks and with previous experience as a kitchen hand, he was hoping to gain employment in a similar role.

Justin was born with a disability and currently attends Uryollrolla special school as a part time student. An additional barrier he faced was the lack of public transport in the local area.

Justin met his Disability Employment Services Job Coach Melanie and they worked together on a plan to secure Justin employment. In preparation, Melanie and Justin updated Justin’s resume and discussed the interview process. She also contacted several local employers to see if there were any potential opportunities for suitable work for Justin.

“Justin was always co-operative and willing to assist me in helping him to find the job role he was searching for,” Melanie said.

Within a few weeks, Justin was offered his ideal job as a kitchenhand at a local establishment. Not only was the job what he had been looking for, but it was located right around the corner from his house, so he could walk to all his work shifts.

Melanie is very proud of Justin’s achievements and his willingness to give 110% into his work.

“Justin was a pleasure to support and assist in finding employment for. He is always at work when rostered on and works hard throughout his shifts,” said Melanie.

Justin is extremely happy and loving his new job. “I am happy to be working in a fun environment. I really enjoy working,” he said.

The future is looking bright for Justin who continues to grow in his role, feeling more confident and independent with each day.

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