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Katherine transferred to atWork Australia with feelings of ambivalence and hopelessness about finding work, having been unemployed for many years. Katherine has anxiety, which further reduced her confidence in finding work. A recent back injury also didn’t help her already low self-esteem and self-belief that she could find a job. Katherine also had little direction on what field she wanted to pursue.

Then Katherine met her atWork Australia Job Coach John, who helped her find direction to begin her job search. “During my first appointment I had no real direction on where I was heading in a career path as I have recently injured my back, therefore I could not continue in my dream of becoming a Nurse. The only skill I had to fall back on was my Administration skills, so I started thinking about getting a job in an office again,” Katherine said. John also worked with Katherine to empower her and increase her self-belief in her skills, experience, and potential.

Within 6 weeks, Katherine had found a new full time job in Sydney and was feeling very grateful and inspired to be back in work. Sadly, not long into the job Katherine experienced some family issues meaning that the travel became too much. Unfortunately, she had to leave the job.

With Katherine’s motivation and John’s support, together they set out to find Katherine another job, this time closer to home. The recruitment process was quite long, and John and Katherine worked through it all together, helping Katherine to remain calm and optimistic. “John has been amazing at helping me through this process by talking me through my anxiety, to assisting me with everything I have needed along the way,” Katherine said.

Within only one week Katherine had been offered a new job with an employer in the public sector, and by the time she started her second job she had been out of work for less than two weeks between jobs. “Katherine was elated, she could not believe she had been offered two jobs in less than three months,” John said.

Finding local work that supported Katherine, so quickly, allowed for Katherine to not lose motivation or hope of finding the right job for her, even during difficult personal circumstances. Katherine is very grateful of this too, “John has gone above and beyond to make this transition into full-time employment as stress-free as possible. He has also assisted me with clothing for work and shoes as well,” Katherine said.

atWork Australia are not only your Job Coach, but they are also your support, your advocate and your friend as you find the right job for you. Just like Katherine, we are there with you every step of the way on your journey to meaningful employment. Call us on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

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