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Kathryn had been left unemployed due to a health condition, but recently has landed a job that is perfectly suited to her needs.

Kathryn approached atWork Australia’s Werribee office after hearing great reviews of the service and support from one of her close friends. She had specifically requested to be matched with Disability Employment Services Job Coach, Rebecca and has not been disappointed with her decision.

When Kathryn first met Rebecca, she was not in a good head space and had not been employed since 2015. However, Rebecca could tell that despite her barriers she was really keen to work.

After listening to Kathryn’s story, Rebecca discovered that what Kathryn needed was encouragement, the right support systems and the right working environment.

Over their next two appointments Rebecca assisted Kathryn in creating a resume and cover letter and finding out exactly what she was looking for in a job. Kathryn gained more confidence with every appointment and became conscientious about completing her requirements and job searches.

Rebecca stated, “Kathryn has the ability to do anything she puts her mind to and with the right support and encouragement she will do great.”

Rebecca was able to find Kathryn a full-time position as a production operator at a leading manufacturer which suited her needs perfectly. The role requires no heavy lifting, is repetitive and has a rotating roster every three weeks.

Kathryn was very nervous about the interview, but after spending time with her Job Coach going over the requirements, she was able to successfully land the role and start work straight away.

Kathryn was very grateful for Rebecca’s guidance and said “Bek has been the absolute best, I have been telling my friends to contact her.”

At atWork Australia we continually strive to provide the best support systems to help our clients to overcome their barriers and secure meaningful and sustainable employment, just like we did for Kathryn. Let us help you too. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online.

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