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Kelly, from North Ryde in Sydney, had been unemployed for over five years when she felt she needed a change in providers and approached atWork Australia for support.

Kelly, who lives with mental health barriers including depression, also lacked self-confidence having been out of work for such a long period of time.

Previously, she had been told that her only real option of finding work was in the retail sector, but Kelly did not feel it was the best industry for her.

Contacting the atWork Australia Ryde office, Kelly was introduced to Job Coach, Zoe.

In their initial meetings, they discussed exactly what Kelly wanted to do for work and Zoe discovered that banking and finance were a passion for Kelly, as she had previously worked in and enjoyed this sector.

“I could see that Kelly had great communication and people skills and wanted to promote her right away. I knew that once she started working, she would fly,” Zoe says.

Zoe worked with Kelly on her confidence, practicing mock interviews and tips to prepare her for the interview process.

Then, together with her colleague, Employer Engagement Consultant, Nel, they found a local bank who were looking to fill a position in customer service.

Kelly had all the coaching and tips she needed to nail the interview process and was quickly offered a role with the bank in just a few days.

“Kelly was over the moon and so was I,” Zoe says, “She had received the good news via email, and we were all so delighted for her.”

Kelly was incredibly appreciative of all the support she received from the atWork Australia team and wrote to Zoe to express her gratitude.

Kelly writes, “I cannot tell you how grateful I am for assisting me in getting this position. I was truly depressed from being long term unemployed, it makes you feel hopeless.”

“When I first met with you at Ryde to discuss employment opportunities, I walked out with a sense of hope. You never doubted my ability to succeed in any role and that really helped me to regain some confidence in myself and my skill set. I remember calling my parents on the way home from that first interview and telling them how excited I was at the prospect of getting back into banking and finance. My parents were amazed that things could turn around so quickly.”

“Zoe, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the respect you showed me and for helping me rebuild my confidence. You are an absolute credit to ‘atWork’. I am so grateful that I ended up in your office last May! It really changed my life. I phoned Centrelink back in August last year to let them know how amazing you are, and I really hope you received that feedback and recognition.”

Kelly has been with the bank now for over 12 months, already receiving a promotion and is so happy to have found the right job for her.

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