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Anyone who has ever been unemployed for prolonged periods would certainly understand that isolation becomes palpable, and reason is hard to judge. This, on top of an already challenging mental health concern such as schizophrenia, can magnify symptoms if not appropriately managed.

Kent commenced with atWork Australia with a view to finding his dream job with an organisation that would understand his situation.

After engaging with atWork Australia, Kent was able to gain much needed support in managing his mental health and it was only more recently that Kent landed a job in a field that was in-line with his skillset and field of study.

Job Coach Daniel remarked that, “Many members of our team were called on to assist Kent as we could see just how keen he was to work to the best of his ability. He did not give up after innumerable role rejections and when COVID-19 hit, he enrolled in Positivum™ training to keep his mind active. Kent would always answer his phone, respond well to feedback and remain positive despite the odds he was facing. I am confident that Kent’s career will flourish, and his mental health will be managed”.

In a letter of appreciation, Kent wrote, “Having a mental health condition looking for a job can never be easy, to look for a dream job is even harder to come by. While the journey is long and winding, with the help from the Job Coaches, I have expanded my skillset and grown as a person.

Job Coach Jarrod allocated work to me in a public housing office as well as work with the Victoria Electoral Commission, he also encouraged me to partake in a course in cyber security and arranged a funding for a second-hand computer system. While in Covid-19 lockdown, looking for a job was very difficult, but instead of merely looking for a job, Job Coach Daniel also improved my skills in job application writing, communications and job interviews. On top of that, Daniel also enrolled me into a course of Positivum™ in which I gained confidence about my ability and improved my motivation to achieve goals, and he also arranged a stint in a signage company. Employer Engagement Consultant Karl and Service Manager Christine had been fantastic, working tirelessly, putting all the puzzles together and arranged interviews which are in line with my dream job, and finally I believe that I have it”.

Most recently, Kent chose to encourage other clients to engage with Positivum™ in a video. You can view more about Kent’s journey here:

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