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There are many ways atWork Australia helps job seekers find their pathway to a new career and ongoing sustainable employment.

For job seeker Kerrie, learning something new via a new training course is her exciting new pathway to her dream role in retail.

Previously, Kerrie had been working on-call in an after-school program, however this was not sustainable due to the instability of the hours.

Kerrie, who has a hearing impairment and wears aids in both ears, had applied for many jobs over a number of months. Being unsuccessful in these roles impacted Kerrie’s mental health and increased her anxiety and panic attacks.

Once Kerrie sought the help of atWork Australia, she was paired with skilled Job Coach, Belinda, to help her rebuild her confidence and secure the right role.

Belinda worked with Kerrie to update her resumé and they talked about the many options available to her, including an option to upskill through learning.

This was an exciting option for Kerrie. She knew that as part of a course she would be placed within a workplace for hands on, practical job experience. Often, these placements can result in students finding and securing a permanent position within that host workplace.

The idea of learning something new grabbed Kerrie’s attention along with the prospect of possibly securing a sustainable job through placement. Without delay, she commenced a Certificate III in Retail through online training provider, Alffie. Meanwhile, atWork Australia made sure Kerrie had all the necessary resources to be able to complete her course.

Belinda explains, “The Certificate III in Retail will give Kerrie the confidence in moving forward into employment. Kerrie is very capable; she just needs to see it for herself.”

Kerrie agrees. “I am very happy that I am now on the right track to gaining employment after I complete my course” says Kerrie.

Belinda and atWork Australia will continue supporting Kerrie as she completes her course and transitions into an ongoing role.

atWork Australia prepares job seekers like Kerrie to be confident and job ready, knowing that there is a meaningful job for every person they work with. Call us today on 1300 080 856  or enquire online to see how we can help you.

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